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Dr. Tim Barckholtz

Dr. Tim Barckholtz is Senior Scientific Advisor at Corporate Strategic Research, which is a division of ExxonMobil Research and Engineering. Dr. Barckholtz received a B.S. degree in Chemistry and Math from Trinity University (San Antonio), and a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from The Ohio State University. Following a postdoctoral appointment at NIST and the University of Colorado, he joined ExxonMobil’s Corporate Strategic Research Labs in 2001. He has held a number of positions in research, planning and strategy, crude oil supply chain logistics, and research management. His current R&D activities are focused on novel methods for CO2 capture using carbonate fuel cells and other emerging technologies. He currently holds the position of Senior Scientific Advisor and works primarily in CO2 capture and storage.

Dr. Barckholtz has been married to his wife, Cindy Barckholtz, for 24 years and they have 4 children, all boys. In his leisure time he enjoys doing just about anything outdoors from hiking to biking or even yard work.

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